Sunday, May 16, 2010

Experience sharing and best wishes of previous interns on 30th Anniversary:

Madhav Prasad Gautam
Investigation Officer
The National Human Rights Commission, Nepal
Previous Intern, 2006

I had very good experience with May 18. It was my pleasure to work with May 18 as an intern in 2006. I learned many aspects of Korean culture, democratic struggle of Korea while I was in May 18 Memorial Foundation. Besides that I had chance to learn about democracy and human rights in Asia. I felt that Korea has a very rich culture and their loving nature towards us was very unforgettable moment for me. In my experience with May 18 was very pleasant and excited. That period was one of the happiest periods of my life. I got more confident from there. I learned about documentation of human rights and democracy. One of the important aspects of my experience was I knew how to work with multicultural team. I am using that experience and skill here in Nepal while working in human rights protection and promotional work.

I would like to congratulate May 18 Memorial foundation family in these auspicious occasion and good wishes for their future work. Hope one day I will have opportunity to visit May 18 family again.

Tumenbayar Chuluunbaatar
Lawyer and Program Officer
The Program Combating against Human Trafficking
The Centre for Human Rights and Development
Previous intern, 2007

Foremost, I would like to say that working as intern in The May 18 Foundation was good opportunity for me. I learnt lots of things about Korean history especially democratic movement of Gwangju and other cities of South Korea as well about Korean culture. So, I respected Korean people's courage and struggle for democracy. I realized that any kind of development without democracy can not be helpful for its citizen.

I think that Gwangju Democratic Movement was not only for democracy. This movement also was for freedom and for keeping people's dignity. Moreover, it influenced to change people's thought about democracy and next activity and movement for democracy in South Korea. Therefore, I think that 30th Anniversary of Gwangju Democratic movement is a special occasion for all over the South Korea not only for Gwangju city.

So, this is my feeling.

Amin Shah Iskandar
Asian Public Intellectual (API) Fellow for 2009-2010
Previous Intern, 2006

I'm glad to be one of the International Intern of the 518 Foundation (2006-2007). From there i've learn a lot on how the Gwangju citizens sacrifices themselves to fight the military dictatorship for the sake of democracy.
Gwangju citizens has shows the world that with people power, everything is possible!

Thency Gunasekaran
Pursuing a Masters of International Studies
Ewha Womens University
Previous Intern, 2007

In a nutshell I would say that my internship opened my eyes to the importance of international solidarity
in the human rights movement. My internship enabled me to meet activists from different parts of the world and learning about
the work that these activists do inspires me a lot.

Gregoria Barbarica Kristina Ritasari
Previous Intern, 2008

I know it is already too much late, but I am still want to say CONGRATULATION for the 30th anniversary. It was an amazing time when I was an intern in May 18 Foundation. I always miss that time, especially Gwangju people. They were really nice to me. And i love the Korean food.;-). Success!

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