Monday, April 05, 2010

New Interns for 2010

Hello, my name is Maria Hussain, from Bangladesh and new international intern at May 18 Memorial Foundation.

“If you wish to experience peace, provide peace for another”- I believe these words of Dalai Lama and really want to do something to provide peace for other people. I completed my Bachelor of Social Science Degree from Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. This specialized subject helps me a lot to feel interest in such areas like peace education, conflict resolution, Human rights and democracy. That’s why since 2005, I am involved with Liberation war Museum of Bangladesh, at first as a volunteer than as a program Assistant, where I specially work in outreach program which run to aware the children about our Liberation War, human rights of mass people, civic education and peace education and also with the cultural section of museum. For that reason my organization selected me for this internship to know much about my interest area. And I am thankful to May 18 Memorial Foundation for giving me opportunity to come here which help me to know better all these things. At the same time I am excited because this is the first time I get opportunity to know other culture. So I hope it will be my memorable moment for my whole life.

My name is Santiago Ximenes Vaz and I am one of the new interns, 2010 at Gwangju the May 18 Memorial Foundation. I come from Timor Leste, the newest nation in the world, and it’s categorized as the Least Developed Countries (LDC).

I have worked as a research staff before in Peace and Conflict Studies Center (PCSC). Personally, research is a center of studying and education information among students and based communities in order to sharing information and knowledge to each other in field work of human rights and as the features of concrete action to contribute in preventing violation and the steps of promotion and protection of human rights, democracy, and peace.

m great honored to be here and the May 18 event is one of remarkable fact for people all over the world that democracy is fundamental part of human rights, thats why it is necessary to be implemented and to be struggled as our heroics and martyrs re done for our freedom and with their dead for our future.

I trust that my instant with 518 will consent me to increase my live through and upgrade comprehension of Asian human rights.

At this time, I stand and invite people to sacrifice your instance and intelligence to support and build network of consciousness education for human rights wherever and whenever you are. Through this kind of awareness, it will be helpful for people to understand and achieve the right to have dignity and enjoy the live in anytime and elsewhere.

Santiago is genuinely cared to see new environment and its people making relationships and learning new thing for future where there is peace and social justice for all.

After all, his deepest thank goes to the May 18 Memorial Foundation for giving such an occasion as a process of learning by doing.

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