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Report of the 2008 Nanjang - Human - Free Concert


The 2008 Nanjang-Human-Free Concert is a domestic event that hosted by the Promotion Committee of the 2008 Nanjang-Human-Free Concert and dedicated to Gwangju citizens. This event organized by The May 18 Memorial Foundation and was held from May 23 - 25, 2008 at the May 18 Memorial Culture Center and the May 18 Memorial Park.

The Nanjang-Human-Free Concert aims to commemorate the May 18 Gwangju Democratic Uprising. Besides, the government already built some historical places like Memorial Culture Hall, Liberty Park, May 18 Cemetery, etc. They also want to make programs in the historical places so the citizens not only enjoy the places but programs as well.

This year the theme is 'Getting Beyond Discrimination'. This theme made by the Committee of the 2008 Nanjang-Human-Free Concert. They also choose and made the programs. They had publication in several ways, like:
1. Banner. They posted the banner at Universities (Chonnam and Chosun), downtown, the bridge of E-Mart, and other public areas.
2. Posters. They post the posters at some public areas like hospital, apartment, and other public areas.

3. Pamphlets and Tissues. They also spread the pamphlets to the citizens especially who live at Sangmu Area. Also distributed at subways and downtown from May 22 - 25, 2008.

4. Newspapers. The post the advertisement at some newspapers.
5. Ju Mok Bab Magazine. They also post the advertisement at Ju Mok Bab Magazine.

In 3 days, visitors and participants got a chance to enjoy variety of performances. The performances were Music, Theatre, and Dance. There were different programs between last year (2007) and this year (2008). In 2007, there were no band music live, just theatre and dance.

On May 23, 2008 started at 18:00 there was band music live. There were 5 bands who performed they played in turns. The kinds of music were variety. The visitors were not only students or youth, but also mature audience. All the visitors enjoyed the performance, this can be proven by their staying on despite the rain. The end of the programs, when the Goguryo band appeared, they invited the visitors especially the students and youth to stand up near the stage to sing and dance together. The event finished at around 21:00.

On May 24, 2008 the event started at 16:00 at Minju Hall. The first performer was a theatre group. For this day, the visitors mostly were families. This theatre was held around 2 hours.

When the theatre was finished the visitors could enjoy tea at book cafe that was put up by the May 18 Memorial Foundation. The book cafe opened from the second day (May 24, 2008) until last day (May 25, 2008) during the events. The visitors could enjoy tea while listening and watching the May 18 songs and animation or read the variety of books of the May 18 Gwangju Democratic Uprising.

The second performer started at 18:00 and the third performer started at 18:30 in the same places. The programs were dances. The second performer more classic dance and the third more modern. From the movements of the dancers showed the situation during the May 18 Gwangju Democratic Uprising. Especially in the third performance, they played like they got caught by bullet in their arms, shoot, attacked, and other movements.

The final show was Tobagi “Mourning” at Daedong Hall. It was a theatre program. The story was the struggle of an old woman who didn’t want to move from her house because she awaits for her son coming back. The government always pushed her to move but she always would always go back to her house. The end of the story was sad because she died when the house was bulldozed by the real estate developers.

On May 25, 2008 the performances started at 16:00 at Daedong Hall. The first program was a theatre. There were 5 person who played. They are still young. This theatre played around 1 hour.

The second performance was dance at the reception hall. The visitors could watch the dancers close by.

For the third and fourth programs showed at the Daedong Square. The third performer was Jang Seung II, he was really talented. He played song melody with a saw. It was really amazing. He also played cow bells. The visitors were excited to see his performance.

On this day, there were some interesting games. The last performer was a theatre, the group used some tools like posters.

After the performers finished their performances, Mr. Jintae Cho as a Secretary General of the May 18 Memorial Foundation gave presents for the 4 winners of the photo contest. The theme is same with the 2008 Nanjang- Human - Free Concert theme 'Getting Beyond Discrimination'. The contestant could put their opinion. The contest was started on April, 2008. There were 40 contestants.

C. Conclusion
It was a big opportunity that I get involved on the 2008 Nanjang-Human-Free Concert. I had a chance to work with the volunteers again after the 2008 Gwangju Interntional Peace Forum and the 2008 Gwangju Prize for Human Rights. I am very grateful for this opportunity. We have experience on the difficult and happy time together.

link: http://www.518.org/

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