Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Musahars received lands for livelihood

International Labour Day i.e. 1st May is celebrated all over the world. Like other labour, Mushars of Baragaon block also celebrate 1st May, 2008 with the collaboration of People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) and Forum on the right of Musahar and Nuts. Programme start with strike protest at Block Office Baragaon in which Mushars from Anei, Hamirpur, Siswa and Jhingwa, Kudi, Raipura, Lakshirampur, Nindanpur, Kuwar village participate and gave their demand to Block Development Officer.

Members of the organization Mrs. Kalawati Mushar, Shanti Mushar, Chamela Nut, Sommar Mushar, Dhanai Mushar, Moti Mushar, Phoolchand Mushar give speech in their regional language and they also keep their demands for job card under National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. At last a positive thing was traced in the speech of Mushars as today is Labour Day and we all know we have power in our arms and one day we will win our struggle.

The strike was conclude with the boost speech of Dr. Lenin Convener of People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCHR) we have to struggle until we succeed in making pressure on policy maker for making change in the policy. Unless we have equal rights in resources, corruption, discrimination and disparity will continue. We have to continue this struggle in correct direction to establish the Rule of Law and participatory democracy in the villages.

Mushars tender their demand to Block Development officer (BDO) Mr. Babu Ram Tripathi and he assured Mushars no corruption will done in any program which is entertained by Block Development Office. But feelings of Mushars were not advanced as Block Development Officer whenever any incidence of corruption happened BDO always seem to stand with the corrupt person. All members were present decided to be alert on BDO assurance.

In Anei village cultural night was organized by Mushars. At 8 pm in the night program start with the traditional folk dance "Kaharwa": men's perform dance in women dress. The program went for two hours. Mushars want to celebrate their happiness as 26 Mushars families get allotment and possession of 4 – 4 biswa agricultural land. Mushars get this success with the organized effort of them, Voice of People and People's Vigilance Committee on Human Rights. Labour want to show the expression of being owner of land during the cultural activities and member of the organization were giving message to preserve the cultural activities through celebration of Labour Day with the performance of indigenous musical instrument. Through this type of activities affection will increase and it will also reinforce the base of People's organization.

Mushars of Anei gave honor to Dr. Lenin and Shruti by flower garland and banarsi shawl and decided for the further movement. After program villagers and guest eat dinner (chicken, rice and chapatti) together. After dinner all Mushars again start dancing and program end at 3 am in the morning.

For celebrating this occasion Mushars collect contribution from every family of community like money and food grain. They also arrange tent, microphone, and food and also manage special musical instrument for Mushars community to make program more attractive.

Shabana Khan is Asst. Director of PVCHR.

Anupam Nagvanshi is member of Core team of PVCHR.

Dr. Lenin (Ashoka Fellow)
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