Thursday, December 22, 2016

Presentation the Human Right and Democratic Situation of Pakistan:

Presentation from our International Intern Shahnawaz Khan  about  Presentation the Human Right and Democratic Situation of Pakistan:

Date: 08th July 2016

It was my honor and privilege to gave presentation to the May 18 Memorial Foundation staff members about the human rights and democratization situation of the Pakistan.

1: Human Right situation of the Pakistan
Shahnawaz Khan shared that present human rights and democratic situation of the situation of the Pakistan are highly alarming. The Pakistan is currently stuck up with soft military dictatorship and the military court is functional under the jurisdiction of Chief of Army staff of the Pakistan.
The Pakistan is also implemented anti-terrorist law which 
Mr. Shahnawaz Laghari is young and energetic human right lawyer and activist is coming from the Pakistan. He has very broad and detailed human rights background from the Pakistan.  He has been also vast multi-sector experience with the NGO's example, Good Governance, Election Observation, Rule of Law, IDPs, Refugees, Democracy and human Rights. Mr. Shahnawaz  Khan gave his presentation about the Pakistan and his topic was "Pakistan: A State of Turmoil and Unstable Democracy in South Asia"

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